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We'd like to bring the craft fair to you!-Virtually

Sun. September 5th- Sat. September 11th

Take a peek at the participating Artisans below

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There are so many talented Artisans and Handcrafters on Kauai. Due to the inability for many live events, we miss the opportunity to meet many of you face to face(and quite a few of you, we normally see yearly), so we thought we would reach out with some of our "Mana" (spiritual energy of power and strength) and "Aloha" by offering these fun virtual craft fair events!  Hope you enjoy getting a piece of Kauai!  A'hui hou! (until we meet again)

On this page, you will find a listing of participating Artisans, samples of their work, and links to their websites. By giving  you a sneak peek at all of the products made, you can plan your purchases for the days of the Fair.  All of us will be offering a special discount for anyone buying on the event dates, so mark your calendars!  We also have a subscriber form at the bottom to sign up for notification of upcoming events and/or reminders.  Suggestions are also welcome.  Hope to meet some of you there!

*Suggestion: On the days of the event you may want to first open each of the Artisans' websites(access by clicking on the business name listed in the box below or by clicking the "Visit us" button of each of the profiles) and then go to each tab one by one to check out each of the deals-this prevents you from having to come back to this site over and over to get the links.

The Artisans

Hawaiian Palm Baskets Amy and Ron Christmas, email:amy@hawaiianpalmbaskets.com, phone:808-652-1502

Art by Marionette Marionette Taboniar, email:artbymarionette@yahoo.com, phone:808-631-9173

Tiki Pet Collars Cyndy and Andy Pungan, email:tikicollars@gmail.com, phone: 808-346-8398

Noe's Creations Herb and Krystyna Noe, email:Krystyna.noe@noescreations.com, phone:808-332-8096

Kilohana Clothing Co. Melody Pigao, email:kilohanaclothingco@gmail.com, phone:808-651-7393

Rainbow Wave Art Jessica Clabo and Erik Lux, email:rainbowwaveart@gmail.com, phone: 808-482-4831

Scott Hanft Photography Scott Hanft, email:scotthanftphotography@gmail.com, phone:808-652-5416

Insert Brand Here Shop Timothy Hand, email:thand@timothyahand.com, phone:678-910-5229

Coconut Messages  Naomi Young, email:alohakauaicard@yahoo.com, phone:808-346-3623

Kauai Pineapple Ornaments  Michelle Rapozo, email:kauaipineappleornaments@gmail.com, phone:808-652-9017

North Shore Koa Designs  Shar and Dave McCormick, email:nskoad@gmail.com, phone:808-482-0014

*If you are using a PC and want to contact any of the artisans by email-you may have to copy and paste the address into your email.

hpbaskets collage.jpg

Hawaiian Palm Baskets

Handmade on Kauai by me, Amy Christmas and my husband Ron-a passion which became our business!  We have been creating and perfecting them for more than 20 years. Designed from a variety of local palms and other dried Kauai plant materials. They are "Pieces of Paradise" made with Aloha that reflect the beauty of the  "Garden Isle" and will truly be treasured by all who receive them!

Precious Pohaku group offerings.png

Noe's Creations

Herb and Krystyna have been operating this business since 1999. They started out by creating and wholesaling wrapped Shark teeth necklaces, allowing them time to grow their family. They have since branched out to retail with Herb crafting exotic wood pens and Krystyna specializing in wire wrapping, stringing and setting Semi-precious stones, pearls, and metal forging. They put their hearts and Aloha into each piece!

craft fair artist collage-scott hanft1.jpg

Scott Hanft Photograpy

 Scott, raised in Southern California, became immersed in the arts at an early age, learning both traditional and contemporary processing from the masters, and by obtaining a fine art degree. In his 24 years on Kauai, he has captained a boat on the Napali coast, capturing memorable marine life images from onboard and now enjoys collecting photos of Kauai from motorized hang gliders, helicopters, and Cessna airplanes allowing for some truly unique angles. He has received numerous awards for his work!

Kauai Pineapple Ornaments.jpg

Kauai Pineapple Ornaments

Michelle started doing craft fairs over 20 years ago. I was a stay at home mom with 6 children in tow to most of the craft fairs on the island.  I have been creating Christmas ornaments for the last 10 years with both the fabric pineapple ornaments and Hawaiian shirt ornaments being very popular. I love creating them using beautiful prints and vibrant colors. Each ornament is original, no two are alike. Made on Kauai with Aloha!

Marionette's Work.jpg

Art by Marionette

Marionette's art is featured in the new NETFLIX movie "Finding 'Ohana" and in season 2 of the new Magnum PI.  Her paintings can be found at the Koloa Landing Resort in Poipu and in public and private collections throughout the world. She currently works from her studio/gallery in Waimea, Kauai.

kilohanaclothing grouping (1).jpg

Kilohana Clothing Co.

Established in 1999 when owner and creator Melody Pigao leased a space at Kilohana Plantation.  She was a stay at home mom and remembers buying her first fabric from money she earned selling avocados from her tree. Her husband even built her first work table.  From her start with children's clothes, to matching doll dresses, cosmetic bags, men's aloha shirts, robes and quilts, she has something for every taste!

Visit us!

Insert Brand Here Shop

Insert Brand Here Shop uses cutting edge laser engraving technologies along with a local island aesthetic to make souvenir coasters, magnets, ornaments, and more on the island of Kauai since 2017. In addition to Kauai-centric designs, Timothy Hand designs for custom products and signage as well as wholesale and private label clients.

North Shore Koa designs.jpg

North Shore Koa Designs

Dave and Shar are a husband and wife team located on the north shore of Kaua’i. We handcraft heirloom jewelry boxes, home decor items, and build custom furniture with Koa wood.  


Our handmade products will become a family keepsake that you will proudly pass down to the next generation.

Tiki pet collars grouping.jpg

Tiki Pet Collars

Tiki Pet Collars, is a home based business that makes collars, harnesses, and leashes under the name “Tiki Kitti” and “Tiki Dawg”.  Cindy inherited the business ideas in 2014 from her mom, who taught her how to sew everything from Hawaiian quilts, place mats, luggage tags, to the collars and leashes.  Cindy and Andy have focused the business and now have a team of willing models in their pet menagerie at home!

Rainbow Wave Art.jpg

Rainbow Wave Art

Jess and Erick met, fell in love, and started playing with the super bright and surprising medium of art glass. Inspired by the endless wave of colors that canvass Kauai's land, sea, and sky. Jess and Erick at Rainbow Wave Art offer wearable dichroic glass art originals that are as colorful and vibrant as you.  They also proudly harness the power of the sun to power the kiln that creates their unique and colorful creations. 


Coconut Messages

Originally from Japan, Naomi fell in love with the Garden Isle and became a Mango Farmer. Coconut postcards was what I did in the off season.  I gather dried coconuts, inspect them for USDA approval, hand-paint an Island theme, add any message you'd like, wrap and send them anywhere in the US!  They will last for many years!  I’ve been creating and sharing them since 2010.  I’ll even paint by special request. You can truly make a memorable moment for your family, friends and loved ones.

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